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 Team Challenges in Norfolk

Based on the Norfolk Broads, Alderfen Marshes provide the ideal back-drop for group activities and team challenges in Norfolk.
Green Room Challenge

The Green Room Challenge

4 - 8 people

Eight challenges, with limited time and a handful of resources.

Your team must analyse, prioritise and complete a selection of tasks.  Balancing speed and accuracy is key to success - and careful planning!  The better your results, the more points you earn … but rush at your peril; you have only one chance at each challenge.

Available all year

Interactive challenges

for teams of 2 - 8 people

on Alderfen Marshes


- One hour challenge £18 per person
- Half-day (3 hours) £42 per person
- Full day (6 hours) £66 per person
- SDI Team Profiling Assessment - £45 per person

Prices are inclusive of VAT

Discounts on team challenges for wild-campers


Minibus transport available for teams to and from Alderfen Marshes - POA


Gift vouchers available


Lockdown Escape Room Challenge

Lockdown: Escape Room

One Hour
2 - 6 people

Our research facility is in lockdown - there has been a leak … and in one hour it will be fatal.

While much of the facility is safe, a number of items are contaminated.  Your team must identify all contaminated items and make them safe before a key is provided to secure your release.  Clues can be found all around …..tick-tock…..

Available all year


Team challenges in Norfolk Flow


One hour
4 - 6 people

Fresh water: plentiful … or precious?

Your team must design, build and test a reliable water supply using limited resources and a lot of team resourcefulness.  Time is limited so working effectively is key to success - but has your team got what it takes?  Wasted water will cost you dearly.

Available April - September only

Team challenges in Norfolk Dig Deeper

Dig Deeper

One hour add-on for workplace teams
4 - 8 People

Include a team brief and debrief, linking the challenge to your work-related objectives. Identify strengths and development areas, carrying benefits and actions forward.

Great for enhancing communication, teamwork, direction, persistence, flexibility and motivation, trust and ownership.

Available all year


Marsh Rescue

The Marsh Rescue

6 - 8 people

Two conservation workers have been reported missing on Alderfen Marshes.

Your team must mount a search & rescue operation to ensure their wellbeing. Solving challenges along the way, you will need to identify the best route to safety.  The clock is ticking and the conservationists’ welfare is in your hands.

Available April - September only


Team challenges in Norfolk Flow

Big Business

4 - 8 people

Plan, prioritise, perfect your process and produce a profit.

Your team must work together to generate a profit in limited time.  Your client has very specific requirements and an attention to detail.  Creativity, problem-solving, team-work and effective time management will serve you well…

Available all year

Team challenges Strength Deployment Inventory SDI

SDI Profiling

Full day:  8 People

The Strength Deployment Inventory (SDI) is a powerful and effective tool for understanding the motives and values that drive behaviours. SDI plays off people’s basic need to understand themselves and others, allowing them to lead with clarity and empathy, build stronger teams, and more effectively navigate conflict.

Available all year


Marsh Rescue

Broad Spectrum

6 - 8 people

Take to the water to test your team’s planning and communication skills.

The waterways surrounding Alderfen Marshes form a labyrinth of channels, inlets and dead-ends.  Your team must navigate these waters to locate and recover a number of items in the correct sequence.  Keep an eye on the time and tide … they wait for no man.

Available April - September only


Just for Fun

A great way to enjoy time with friends and colleagues

New Teams

Challenges for new teams, just setting out…

Existing Teams

Challenges to keep things running smoothly…


For leadership teams running multiple projects…

On the ‘just for fun’ side, we provide challenges for groups who want to catch up with friends, perhaps a reunion, celebrate a memorable birthday or just because you have some free time and fancy doing something a bit different.

On the ‘business side’ we deliver tailor-made programmes for new teams, existing teams and leadership teams, helping to enhance communication, motivation and performance. You let us know the outcomes you would like to achieve and we will deliver a programme to fit the bill.

Choose between engaging challenges on the marshes, try a spot of problem-solving in the Green Room or take to the water on a canoe trail - we can help you find the ideal challenge for your group. Drop us a line to find out how Alderfen Marshes can make your team event one to remember.

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