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  • The entire MoCo experience has been very enjoyable. Enthusiasm is infectious.
  • Great fun, learnt a lot. Trainer was good with group, always had something for us to do & learn.

Road to Success builds the metaphor of a journey, to help students think about their future aspirations and the routes available to achieve them. Students are supported through the day by a workbook and an experienced business mentor.

Work related learning for students:

• Step into their own future • List personal attributes • Write a strong personal statement • Match strengths to requirements  • Recognise diverse future choices • Evaluate choices against goals  • Construct a tailored CV • Complete a one-to-one interview

Interview experience helps students to develop the skills and confidence needed to bring their CVs to life in an interview situation. With the help of business mentors, students will understand and practice the behaviours sought by potential employers when interviewing.

Work related learning for students:

• Engage in an effective interview  • Complete a scored phone interview • Experience profiling tests  • Complete scored team challenges • Score an interview • Take part in a panel interview • Interview another candidate  • Self evaluate their performance

Revision Revolution challenges students to explore different approaches to studying, covering both the mindset and the practicalities. Finding different techniques to recall the right information at the right time helps with effective revision.

Students learn to:
• Identify a range of techniques • Choose methods to suit topics  • Improve information recall • Develop a positive mindset • Self-motivate • Make revision enjoyable • Revise alone or in groups • Revise with flexibility & direction

The Leadership Programme is designed for students who take on a wide range of responsibilities. Involvement as prefects, presenting in assemblies, mentoring new students, meeting and mingling with parents and many other potentially challenging activities.

Work related learning for students:
• Identify different leadership styles  • Present confidently to an audience • Rise to new challenges • Turn ‘fear’ into ‘excitement’ • Demonstrate persistence • Engage in 1 to 1 and group tasks • Demonstrate effective teamwork  • Motivate themselves and others

Enthusiasm breeds success. We sculpt an environment that inspires and creates a positive attitude. So much can be achieved when people believe in themselves and see their own potential - but it’s not enough to tell them that.

Our approach takes students on a journey, helping them work on behavioural skills and innovation, encouraging self-awareness and complementing each individual’s path to learning.

In schools, colleges and adult education services we work with, there are clear results to be seen. If it’s time to energise your students, to awaken their passion and enable them to reach their potential, it’s time to discover their moco!